Personalized Services to help you grow

I currently only offer 1:1 services to ensure you get the focus and attention needed to reach your goals, whether they are specific (like fill the 10 spots at your next event) or more general (like attract more of your ideal customer in the next 90 days). In the future, small group programs, masterminds, and retreats are planned. To sign up for notification of new programs and services, click here.

Next Step Session

Are you stuck and not sure what to do next towards your goals? In this single session option, we take a close look at what you are trying to accomplish and the next step that makes the most sense to get you there. This 90-minute session (via phone/Skype/Zoom) includes a brief intake questionnaire to help us focus during our time together. If you just need a quick boost to get you back on track, this is where you should start. 

The investment for the Next Step Session is $500.

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Make it happen Package

You have big dreams and may even have an idea on how to get there. But you can't seem to make it happen. In this package, we will work together one on one for 90 days both through bi-weekly sessions and in-between support to keep you on track. We will plot out the projects and tasks needed to reach your goals, then I will hold you accountable, give you guidance when you get stuck, and even review your implementation in order to look for other improvements as you go. This is the most hands-on way to work with me.

The investment for a 90 day Make It Happen Package is $4,500.

Want to work together longer towards your bigger vision? I also offer a 2x version (180 days) for an investment of $8,500.

I only have a limited number of spots for this package, so there is an application process with a deposit of $500 (refundable if we decide it is not a good fit) and a short introductory discussion prior to scheduling our first session of the package.

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